The Price of Liberty


They hanged my thoughts with the gallows of liberty

They sealed my mouth with the charts of human rights

They buried my dreams within a pirate’s flag

They think my dreams have a body “NO”

They’re wrong

They’ll never kill ‘em

‘Cause they will always rebel against

Those who robbed a hard loaf from a child’s mouth

Those who robbed a sweet smile from a baby’s face

Those who always drive a limousine on the path of our sorrows

They think they were born to enslave our souls

They think they were born to crash the castles of our dreams

Nay, they’re wrong

One day they’ll pay for the tyranny of their filthy hearts

One day they’ll wish they were never born wealthy

That day is lurking on the edge of a sombre future.



Oujda 27/11/2014

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