Hiding Behind


Hiding behind a tank

Waiting for death to kiss them

To hug their tired bodies against

The dark clouds of their brethren’s guns

All their minds sleeping

Inside a frightening nightmare of a hideous war

They never wanted to shoot anyone

All they wanted is a peaceful dream

With the breezy laughter of their sons and daughters

Breathing the sweet saliva of their embellished wives

All they wanted is a fairy day in the bosom of the seashore

Listening to the ebbing and flowing of their dreams

All they wanted is a few seconds with their selves

Thinking about every single minute they lived

Away from their Mighty Lord

Nothing is indeed better than a thank-you prayer

In the heart of a dark night

Washing tons of sins knitted along the wicked years of youth

Think you am silly saying so nay my friend

Just open wide your brain and you’ll see the hidden truth

Within your unmindful soul

For one day you’ll be thrown within a hole

All alone with your sins to face your destiny

No son, no wife, no father or mother

Just alone with your mirthless mirage

Weeping like a child the agonies of your life



Oujda 30/12/2014

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