The ominous time of globalization (Translated from Arabic)


My soul is a desert of ice

Where on her tired body graze

Thousands of groans...

Every second, millions of memories are torn

My memories are a tape of tragedies

In the time of false terminology,

This reminds me of Samaritan

And his golden calf

Dragging a herd of blind people

To the Black House Square

Kneeling to a god of illusions

On top of it, Lucifer sews his Jesuit talismans

To transform brains into a donkey’s

And clone a generation of lost people.

In the ominous time of globalization,

Promising them and awakening their desires

Then he gets away.

When his teeth are broken full of whetted mould

Leaving behind him victims with no identity that shelters them

No sky that wipes off the tears of their confusion

I caught the Crescent one evening.

Full of grief

They said...

A terrorist or a crazy man

They weaved charges.

Wrapped up with charges

On top of it are trumped-up charges of Talmudic agony

They spread the wicked news

On the high seas

And the wasteland tunnels

They set up black flags

On my grave

Before they hang me

They hanged my blood

They hanged my mouth

They hanged the smile in my liver

They slaughtered all my senses

Before I see the light in my children's eyes

They pelted my soul

With spears made in my forgotten homeland

They killed me

I wish they'd killed me

But they killed my heart

With my own countries’ hands


Rabat 15/07/2010

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