Just think


Just think of my brain

Coming of out my delirious head

Just think of my incarcerated tongue

Coming of out my sieged mouth

Severely guarded by the dogs of king the lion

Just think of the sobbing tears

Coming of out my laughing heart.

Just think of my crying blood

Coming of out my leprous eyes

Just think of my ramshackle hands

Handcuffed in a coffin of muddy affairs.

Just think of my little face

Immersed in

A pusy * humiliation.

Just think of my flimsy legs

Scythed by the dirty hands

Of such, so stupid regulations.

Just think of my shattered ideas

That have to lie so silently in

The graveyard of my shattered mind

Just think of my rebellious feelings

Pestled against the mortar of "yes sir" "yes madam"

Just think of all those sombre years of mine

Chopped like rotten meat

Sleeping in a rubbish bin

Just think of my lost dreams sold in

The auctions of tragedies

Just think of my condemned soul

Bitten by the dogs of a nonsense

Just think of all the suffering mouths

Drowning in the death boats

Where banners of misery

Ignite the fires of rancid death

Just think of Water Cape

And millions of tears drown the speaking eyes

Of moaning mothers, fainting fathers

Just think of all the ballooned bellies of our Sheiks

Dancing on the injuries of our sorrows

Just think of our sweet children

You'll feel the nights hailing dusky tomorrows

Just think of Gaza and Baghdad,

And nonsense may go crazily mad

Just think and think...

Just think of ma

With tearless eyes

She cries her sons

Incarcerated in the nights of whims

Just think of ma

With broken hearts

She moans her manless daughters

Just think of ma

Gnawing the toes of sleepless nights

Just think of ma

With ageless woes

She treats her endless woes

Just think of ma

You'll see her hair become so white

Before the whiteness o' time assaults

Her struggling hair

Just think of ma

With trembling fingers cradling

An empty cradle of hollow dreams

Just think...

* pusy (the appropriate adjective is purulent, but as I usually do, I love coining new words)

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