I Have No Cannons That Roar


I have no cannons that roar

Except a little white dove

Full of compassion and love

Holding a broken olive twig

On her right ventricle

A white bleeding shroud on another

A gloomy yesterday it flew

To mournful Palestine

Holding my moaning tears with a hand

My burning love in another

A Patriot made in Uncle Sam's slaughterhouse

Jumped like a devilish demon

From Abu Dhabi, a six-pointed star on its back,

It flew and flew

Until it settled

Right in the heart of

My little white dove

I heard a boom in the cloudy sky of Palestine

My little white dove disappeared

My moaning tears, like rain,

Fall on the Sacred Land

One day they'll grow little doves

My burning love, like soul,

Embraced Al Aqsa Mosque

I heard a tearing sigh

"My little child will die

And tomorrow will never be the tomorrow

I used to know"

Oh never mind Palestine, said I

The ashes of your brave children

One day become the soldiers of Palestine

And all the traitors

The dirty traitors

They'll vanish in the sewers of Uncle Sam

Farewell to thee my sweet

Sweet Palestine


Mimoun Zeggai

Oujda 17/05/2021

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