I Can't Breathe (George Floyd Elegy)


Please, please I cannot breathe

I cannot touch my soul

You're strangling my dignity


And 'cause of what? Asked I.

A black skin I didn't paint

But tell me why am I to die

And leave my mum and dad

Crying silently my death alone?


But tell me why have I to drop

A life that've always longed to live?


You have got milky skins, but within

A set of murky hearts

Filled in with hatred and grudges


I cannot breathe

Do you hear me?


The blurry lights begin to fade

And darkness's calling realms of Hades

My tongue knelt in deep supplication but

It was too late, my soul slips away

To leave a hurtful silence

Within my mournful tears.


Mimoun Zeggai

Oujda 29/05/2020

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