Brain drain refers to the emigration of skilled professionals to developed countries. These are some of the reasons behind such emigration:

Brain Drain

 Brain Drain: Pull factors: 

 Better economic prospects; 

 Higher salary and income; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Better level of living and way of life; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Better research facilities; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Modern educational system and better chance of advancement 
Prestige of foreign training; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Intellectual freedom. 

fleche-gif-038.gif Better working condition and better employment opportunities; 
fleche-gif-038.gif Relative political stability; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Presence of a rich, scientific and cultural tradition; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Attraction of urban centres; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Availability of experience/supporting staff; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Frequent chances of a lucky break in life; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Technological gap; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Allocation of substantial funds for research; 

 Greater employment possibilities 

 Brain Drain: Push factors: 

fleche-gif-038.gif Under employment, 

fleche-gif-038.gif Economic under development; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Low wage/salary, 

fleche-gif-038.gif Political instability; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Over production and under utilization or HQM; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Lack of research and other facilities; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Lack of freedom; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Discrimination in appointment and promotion; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Poor working facilities; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Lack of scientific tradition and culture; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Unsuitable institution; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Desire for a better urban life; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Desire for higher qualification and recognition; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Better career expectation; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Lack of satisfactory working conditions. 

fleche-gif-038.gif Low rate of economic growth; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Technologically poor and importer of technology. 


 Brain drain

 Low pay High pay 

 Attract attention

 Developed countries

 High technology

 Skilled workers


 Brain drain the situation in which large numbers of educated and very skilled people leave their own country to live and work in another one where pay and conditions are better. (http://dictionary.cambridge.org/fr/dictionnaire/anglais/brain-drain)

 Physician: A person who practises medicine.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Physicist: An expert in physics.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Scholar: An educated person who has gained mastery in one or more disciplines.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Income: Revenue.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Gain: Obtain something needed or wanted.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Underdeveloped: Not yet or fully developed.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Skilled: Having the ability to perform a task expertly and well.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Unskilled: Not having special skills or training.

 Tempting: Highly attractive.


 inter: between, among examples: intercontinental; interact; interchange; intercity; intermarry...
 extra: outside, beyond: examples: extraterrestrial; exraodinary; extracurricular...
fleche-gif-029.gif intra: within, inside: examples: intracellular; intranet...
 under: less than, insufficient: examples: underpaid; underestimate; undertake...
fleche-gif-029.gif over: excessively, more than: examples: overpopulated; overheat; overwork; oversleep...
fleche-gif-029.gif super: above, over, beyond: examples: supersonic; superman; supermarket...
fleche-gif-029.gif hyperabove, over, excessive: examples: hypersensitive; hypertension; hyperactive; hyperlink...
fleche-gif-029.gif anti: against: examples: antiwar; antinuclear; antibiotic...
fleche-gif-029.gif de: remove: examples: demotivate; dehydrate; de-ice; debug...
fleche-gif-029.gif post: after: example: postwar; postgraduate...
fleche-gif-029.gif pro: for, in favour of: examples: pro-American; proabortion; prodemocracy...
fleche-gif-029.gif sub: under: examples: subtitle; submarine; subskills...
fleche-gif-029.gif ex: former: examples: ex-president; ex-wife...
fleche-gif-029.gif co: with, together: examples: co-author; coexist...
fleche-gif-029.gif bi: two, twice: examples: bilingual; bilateral; biannual...
fleche-gif-029.gif multi: many: examples: multilingual; multimedia...
fleche-gif-029.gif micro: small: examples: microwave; microscopic...
fleche-gif-029.gif macro: large: examples: macroeconomic; macroscopic...
fleche-gif-029.gif pseudo: false, not real: examples: pseudonym; pseudointellectual...
fleche-gif-029.gif mis-: wrongly, badly: examples: misbehave; misunderstand...

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