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love.43.gif Vocabulary:

Brain drain refers to the emigration of skilled professionals to developed countries. These are some of the reasons behind such emigration:

Brain Drain

boutons042.gif Brain Drain: Pull factors: 

fleche-gif-038.gif Better economic prospects; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Higher salary and income; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Better level of living and way of life; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Better research facilities; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Modern educational system and better chance of advancement 
Prestige of foreign training; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Intellectual freedom. 

fleche-gif-038.gif Better working condition and better employment opportunities; 
fleche-gif-038.gif Relative political stability; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Presence of a rich, scientific and cultural tradition; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Attraction of urban centres; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Availability of experience/supporting staff; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Frequent chances of a lucky break in life; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Technological gap; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Allocation of substantial funds for research; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Greater employment possibilities 

boutons042.gif Brain Drain: Push factors: 

fleche-gif-038.gif Under employment, 

fleche-gif-038.gif Economic under development; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Low wage/salary, 

fleche-gif-038.gif Political instability; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Over production and under utilization or HQM; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Lack of research and other facilities; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Lack of freedom; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Discrimination in appointment and promotion; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Poor working facilities; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Lack of scientific tradition and culture; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Unsuitable institution; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Desire for a better urban life; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Desire for higher qualification and recognition; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Better career expectation; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Lack of satisfactory working conditions. 

fleche-gif-038.gif Low rate of economic growth; 

fleche-gif-038.gif Technologically poor and importer of technology. 

love.43.gif Collocations:

 Brain drain

 Low pay High pay 

 Attract attention

 Developed countries

 High technology

 Skilled workers

love.43.gif Definitions:

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Brain drain:  the situation in which large numbers of educated and very skilled people leave their own country to live and work in another one where pay and conditions are better. (

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Physician: A person who practises medicine.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Physicist: An expert in physics.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Scholar: An educated person who has gained mastery in one or more disciplines.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Income: Revenue.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Gain: Obtain something needed or wanted.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Underdeveloped: Not yet or fully developed.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Skilled: Having the ability to perform a task expertly and well.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Unskilled: Not having special skills or training.

Gifs Animés Fleches (28).gif Tempting: Highly attractive.

love.43.gif Prefixes:

fleche-gif-029.gif inner: between, among examples: intercontinental; interact; interchange; intercity; intermarry...
fleche-gif-029.gif extra: outside, beyond: examples: extraterrestrial; exraodinary; extracurricular...
fleche-gif-029.gif intra: within, inside: examples: intracellular; intranet...
fleche-gif-029.gif under: less than, insufficient: examples: underpaid; underestimate; undertake...
fleche-gif-029.gif over: excessively, more than: examples: overpopulated; overheat; overwork...
fleche-gif-029.gif super: above, over, beyond: examples: supersonic; superman; supermarket...
fleche-gif-029.gif hyper: above, over, excessive: examples: hypersensitive; hypertension; hyperactive; hyperlink...
fleche-gif-029.gif anti: against: examples: antiwar; antinuclear...
fleche-gif-029.gif de: remove: examples: demotivate; dehydrate; de-ice...
fleche-gif-029.gif post: after: example: postwar; postgraduate...
fleche-gif-029.gif pro: for, in favour of: examples: pro-American; proabortion; prodemocracy...
fleche-gif-029.gif sub: under: examples: subtitle; submarine; subskills...
fleche-gif-029.gif ex: former: examples: ex-president; ex-wife...
fleche-gif-029.gif co: with, together: examples: co-author; coexist...
fleche-gif-029.gif bi: two, twice: examples: bilingual; bilateral; biannual...
fleche-gif-029.gif multi: many: examples: multilingual; multimedia...
fleche-gif-029.gif micro:small: examples: microwave; microscopic...
fleche-gif-029.gif macro: large: examples: macroeconomic;macroscopic...
fleche-gif-029.gif pseudo: false, not real: examples: pseudonym; pseudointellectual...
fleche-gif-029.gif mis-: wrongly, badly: examples: misbehave; misunderstand...


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