Exercises: Conditional type III & If only/ I wish:

 Rewrite the following sentences as indicated:

 I didn't know it was your birthday; otherwise, I would have bought you a present.

 If I had known it was your birthday, I would have bought you a present.

 They tried to cross the border illegally, so they were arrested and expatriated.

 If they hadn't tried to cross the border illegally, they wouldn't have been arrested and expatriated.

 She ate too much. As a result, she had a stomachache.

 If she hadn't eaten too much, she wouldn't have had a stomachache.

 The secretary often came to work late, that's why she was fired.

 If the secretary hadn't often come to work late, she wouldn't have been fired.

 Our neighbour lost all her friends because she was a two-faced woman.

 If our neighbour hadn't been a two-faced woman, she wouldn't have lost all her friends.

fleche-gif-038.gif I couldn't have access to the public library because I didn't have a membership card.

 If I had had a membership card, could have had access to the public library.

fleche-gif-038.gif He wasn't re-elected president because he didn't organize a good campaign.

 If he had organized a good campaign, he would have been re-elected president.

fleche-gif-038.gif Superpowers spent a lot of money on armament, that's why they couldn't help the poor countries.

 If superpowers hadn't spent a lot of money on armament, they could have helped the poor countries.

fleche-gif-038.gif The rural woman didn't get a loan from the bank. She was unable to set up her own business.

 If the rural woman had got a loan from the bank, she would have been able to set up her own business.

fleche-gif-038.gif Karim didn't stay in France because he didn't like the way he was treated at work.

 If Karim had liked the way he was treated at work, he would have stayed in France.

 Rewrite the following sentences as indicated:

fleche-gif-038.gif I didn't do my homework.

 If only I had done my homework.

 I wish had done my homework.

fleche-gif-038.gif She ate too much. As a result, she had a stomachache.

 If only she hadn't eaten too much.

 She wishes she hadn't eaten too much.

fleche-gif-038.gif It's a pity I didn't watch the Spanish derby yesterday.

 If only I had watched the Spanish derby yesterday.

 I wish had watched the Spanish derby yesterday.

 I didn't finish the report yesterday because my computer broke down.

 If only my computer hadn't broken down.

 I wish my computer hadn't broken down.

fleche-gif-038.gif It's a pity you didn't take part in the school competition.

 If only you had taken part in the school competition.

 I wish you had taken part in the school competition.

fleche-gif-038.gif I had a bad mark because I didn't prepare well.

 If only I had prepared well.

 I wish had prepared well.

fleche-gif-038.gif  It's a pity I didn't study biology.

 If only I had studied biology.

 I wish had studied biology.

  Yassine had a terrible accident because he didn't stop at the red light.

 If only Yassine had stopped at the red light.

 He wishes he had stopped at the red light.

fleche-gif-038.gif  Emma didn't save enough money; she couldn't buy a computer.

 If only Emma had saved enough money.

 She wishes she had saved enough money.

fleche-gif-038.gif  Brahim didn't attend last year's free computer classes.

 If only Brahim had attended last year's free computer classes.

 He wishes had attended last year's free computer classes.

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