love.43.gif Vocabulary:

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gif POEM:
fleche-gif-038.gif adobe: house or home.

fleche-gif-038.gif pride: a feeling of self-respect and personal worth.

fleche-gif-038.gif shoreline: a boundary line between land and water.

fleche-gif-038.gif cliché /'kli:ʃeɪ/: idea or expression that is used so often
that it no longer has any meaning.

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gif Balancing Rights and Responsibilities:

fleche-gif-038.gif giving up your time for free: voluntary.

fleche-gif-038.gif something you give up to help others: sacrifice.

fleche-gif-038.gif an organisation that does not work for the government: NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation)

fleche-gif-038.gif attempting to influence public officials to take a desired action: lobbying.

fleche-gif-038.gif the control of what can be said, written or published: censorship.

fleche-gif-038.gif organisation set up to provide help or assistance to those in need: charity.

fleche-gif-038.gif term used to refer to a group of people sharing certain values or having certain conditions in common: community.

fleche-gif-038.gif the process by which business, politics and culture operate on a world scale: globalisation.

fleche-gif-038.gif rights and freedoms to which every human being is entitled: human rights.

fleche-gif-038.gif an organisation that works for improving the conditions of employment: trade union.

fleche-gif-038.gif obligations or matters over which a person is considered to have a legal or moral duty: responsibilities.

fleche-gif-038.gif claims, privileges or entitlements, normally protected by law: rights.

fleche-gif-038.gif a native born or someone who has been naturalised in a particular state or nation: citizen.

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gif Idiomatic Expressions:
fleche-gif-038.gif right as rain: if things are right as rain, then everything is going well for you.

fleche-gif-038.gif right royal: a right royal night is an extremely exciting, memorable and funny one.

fleche-gif-038.gif right up my alley: if something is right up your alley, it suits you perfectly.

fleche-gif-038.gif right up your street: if something is right up your street, it is ideal for you.

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