Exercises: Keys

 Fill in the blanks with the correct words:

1. In the past, political parties thought women were not suitable for politics.

2. Political parties should have more female candidates.

3. Many people thought that women were not as strong as men, and were governed by emotion.

4. In a patriarchal society, men have leadership and dominance in all domains.

5. At the moment, political parties put many women on their election lists giving them a high priority.

6. Today women are breaking gender boundaries on many fronts.

7. Yet they are still struggling for recognition and equal treatment.  

 Rewrite these sentences using expressions like: also, too, along with, yet, despite, however, etc.

Example: Working women contribute to society's development. They improve their children's life.

                  Working women contribute to society's development. They also improve their children's life.
1. Moroccan women have gained far-reaching rights. Yet, we still need to identify the needs of rural women.

2.Some women work full-time in their jobs. Along with that, they cook, clean, and take care of the children. 

3. The Moroccan law guarantees women's rights. In addition to that, the government revised the family code to improve women's situation.

4. This code raises the age of marriage for girls from 15 to 18.

5. It also gives wives "joint responsibility" with their husbands in family matters.

6. Women suffer from negative stereotypes. However, they realise remarkable achievements.

7. Moroccan women have already entered the parliament. In spite of that, their number is limited.

 Change the sentences from the active to the passive form:

Example: They appointed Maria a nurse in the local hospital.
                  Maria was appointed a nurse in the local hospital.

Leila Abouzeid wrote "The Year of the Elephant".

"The Year of the Elephant" was written by Leila Abouzeid.

They have awarded the Nobel Prize to some outstanding women.

The Nobel Prize has been awarded to some outstanding women.

Some outstanding women have been awarded the Nobel Prize.
Men should help women with the housework.

 webmaster_fleches029d.gifWomen should be helped by men with the housework.

We need to improve rural women's situations.

 Rural women's situations need to be improved.

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifSusan is cooking dinner for the special guest.

 webmaster_fleches029d.gifDinner is being cooked for the special guest. 

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifLatifa has produced new-fashioned caftans.

 New-fashioned caftans have been produced by Latifa.

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifThe university will give a scholarship to first women graduates.

 webmaster_fleches029d.gifA scholarship will be given to first women graduates.

 webmaster_fleches029d.gifFirst women graduates will be given a scholarship.

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifThe government must give more jobs to skilled women.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifMore jobs must be given to skilled women.

webmaster_fleches029d.gif Skilled women must be given more jobs. 

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifRachida Khalil is going to perform a show in Mohamed V theatre.

 webmaster_fleches029d.gifA show is going to be performed by Rachida Khalil in Mohamed V theatre.

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifA Moroccan woman professor has set up Argan oil cooperatives to sustain development.

  webmaster_fleches029d.gifArgan oil cooperatives have been set up by a Moroccan woman professor to sustain development.

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