Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense:

1- Last week I (lose) the key that he (give) me.

2- Yesterday when I (arrive) at the cinema, the film (already/start).

3- Last month the lights (go) off because we (not/ pay) the electricity bill.

4- When their mother (come) back home one hour ago, the children (watch) TV for more than two hours.

5- Last month, the workers (not/stop) the strike until the boss (agree) to raise their wages.

6- A month ago, as soon as people (hear) the news on the radio, they (take) to the streets protesting against the rise in oil prices.

7- When I (have) a walk yesterday, I (come) across an old friend of mine. I (not/see) him for the last six years.

8- If he (not/drive) so fast last week, he (not/have) that terrible accident.

Join the pairs of the sentences with the linking words:

1- Some women beggars prefer wearing veils. They don't want to be recognized. (in order not)

2- Jane saved money. She wanted to buy a present for Harry. (in order to)

3- Sue lowered the volume on the TV set. She did not want to disturb her roommate. (so that)

4- Harry left early because he didn’t want to miss the bus. (in order not to)

5- He tried to hide the broken vase. He didn’t want to be punished. (so that)

6- I went to bed early because I didn’t want to be tired in the morning. (so as not to)

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