degradation: the process of something damaged or made worse. 

 disposable: made to be thrown away after use.

 disposal: the act of getting rid of something.

 expand: to become greater in size, number or importance; to make something greater in size, number or importance.

 garbage (US)= trash (US): waste, food, paper, etc. that you throw away. = (UK) rubbish.

 give off: send out smoke, smell, etc.; emit; produce something such as a smell, heat, light, etc.

 law: the whole system of rules that everyone in a country or society must obey.

 recycle: to treat things that have already been used so that they can be used again.

 prosperity: the state of being successful in making money; success or wealth. (verb: prosper; adjective; prosperous)

 spoil: to change something good into something bad, unpleasant, useless, etc. (synonym: ruin)

 survey:  /ˈsɜː.veɪ/ an examination of opinions, behaviour, etc., made by asking people questions. (verb: survey /səˈveɪ/)

 toxic: poisonous. (toxicology: the scientific study of poisons; adj: toxicological)

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