The jobless (people): unemployed people.

The elderly (people): old people considered as a group.

The adolescents: young people who are developing into adults.

The sick (people) (UK:ill): people who are ill.

The homeless (people): people who do not have a home, usually because they are poor.

The disabled (people): disabled people as a group. This term is now considered offensive, and people usually prefer to say people with disabilities or disabled people.

The poor (people): poor people considered together as a group.

The children: boys or girls from the time of birth until they are adults, or sons or daughters of any age.

The addicted (people): people who are unable to stop taking drugs, or doing something as a habit.

The refugees: people who leave their homes or countries to find safety, esp. during a war or for political or religious reasons.

The orphans (orphan: a child whose parents are dead): children whose parents are dead.

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