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love.43.gif Check your progress:

fleurs-gif-086.gif Rewrite the sentences as suggested in the example:

Bachir who does not speak English came back from England where he spent his holidays, this is what he says:

0035.gif If only I had learned English before.

0035.gif If I had learned English before, I would have communicated with English people.

yellowbl.gif An African scientist came back home for good but remained jobless.

yellowbl.gif A young employee abandoned his job and emigrated to Europe. He was surprised to find no work.

yellowbl.gifA university student didn't have a high grade to benefit from a scholarship abroad.

yellowbl.gif A jobless graduate didn't have any money to apply for a visa.

yellowbl.gif Marouane Chemmakh was injured and couldn't join the Moroccan football team in the last important match.
yellowbl.gif A young man was expelled from Italy because he immigrated illegallly.

fleurs-gif-086.gifCombine these sentences following the example. Use commas when necessary:

Philip Emeagwali is an African scientist in USA. His family emigrated with him.
Philip Emeagwali, whose family emigrated with him, is an African scientist in USA. 

yellowbl.gif Philip gave a lecture. This lecture was about reversing brain drain to brain gain.

yellowbl.gif I met Dr Anas. He taught French at a university in Canada.

yellowbl.gif Driss Chraibi died in France in March 2007. His novels are written in French.

yellowbl.gif The organisation is non-profit. It campaigns against emigration of skilled labour.

fleurs-gif-086.gif Review your vocabulary from unit 9 & 10 and do this cross word puzzle:


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