Unit VI: Reading Comprehension- Keys

 List of media mentioned in the text:
TV- newspaper- radio- computer (Internet)- fliers

  These are the main ideas of the text matched with their appropriate paragraphs:    

a. Mass media are so important that they influence our ideas and behaviour.


Paragraph    5

b. Mass media are found everywhere in the industrialised world.


Paragraph    4

c. Mass media include both news and entertainment.


Paragraph    2

d. Mass media present a wide variety of information.


Paragraph    1

e. News include reporting facts and interpreting them.


Paragraph    3

 True or False? Justification:
a. Handmade signs are not included in mass media. 
    F. (...from handmade sign to an international news network.)
b. News media is often used to mean the press.
    T. (It is often used interchangeably with "the press"...)
c. The difference between entertainment and news is not always clear.
    T. (The distinction between news and entertainment can at times be fuzzy=unclear/vague)
d. If a fact is not reported through mass media, only a few people know about it.
    T. (If a situation doesn't make the news, it simply does not exist for most people.)

Answer the following questions about the text: (answers)
a. The definition of mass media suggested by the writer is it refers to "large companies or groups, publishers, journalists, and others who constitute the communication industry and profession. This definition includes both the entertainment and news industries."
b. There is no standard for how large the audience needs to be before communication becomes "mass" communication.
c. Journalists and management do.
d. Mass media specialists influence our views and ideas by creating the news and deciding what to report as well.

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