Brain Drain: For or Against?

Brain Drain: For or Against? 
Answer : 
1.This article is in disorder. Read it and answer the questions. 
A . To conclude, what would happen if we forbade brain drain and kept all those talents inside the country? Will they be able to grow and be as productive as they want to? Or will they join the rows of unemployed people and create more problems for our society? 

B. At the first glance, brain drain seems like a big loss. A considerable number of young people are leaving the country. It looks like the country is losing a lot of educated workforce. However, it seems a big advantage that talented minds are able to leave the country and pursue their dreams elsewhere. 

C. Another argument in favour of brain drain is that talented brains would like to ensure their own future and that of their families. What is wrong with the desire to look for a better living standard in another country? I mean, everyone likes to improve his/ her conditions. We, therefore, should not prevent anyone from the pursuit of this right. 

D. The first argument I would like to mention is that individual talents would get the chance to grow in a favourable environment. They would get more support and have more opportunities to flourish. This would help talents grow and not be wasted. Here is a simple example: a very clever friend of mine received a medal in the national Maths Olympics and graduated from university with the best marks. For a while, he unsuccessfully tried to get a job. Finally, he decided to go abroad. Now he has a good job and lives happily in France. 
E. One further argument is that the experience that talented people gain abroad will be very useful if they decide at a later stage to go back and settle down in their own countries. In other words, the fact that highly educated people emigrate is not only good for themselves, but is also good for their countries, and may also be good for the world. 
Abide Omar, Niger

a. The author is ...............
b. There are...................... arguments.
2- the paragraphs of the article are in disorder. Put them in the right order by filling in this diagram with the appropriate letters ( A-E) 

Parts of the article

Argument 1

Argument 2

Argument 3


3- Work with your partner to fill in this table with ideas from the article. Add your own arguments if possible:

Arguments for brain drain
Arguments against brain drain



4- Are you for or against brain drain?

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