Reported Statements Change this direct speech into reported speech: 

1. “He works in a bank” She said ___________________________

2. “We went out last night” She told me______________________

3. “I’m coming!” She said ________________________________

4. “I was waiting for the bus when he arrived,” She told me ______

5. “ I’d never been there before” She said ____________________

6. “I didn’t go to the party” She told me _____________________

7. “Lucy’ll come later” She said ___________________________

8. “He hasn’t eaten breakfast” She told me ___________________

9. “I can help you tomorrow” She said ______________________

10. “You should go to bed early” She told me ________________

11. “I don’t like chocolate” She told me _____________________

12. “I won’t see you tomorrow” She said ____________________

13. “She’s living in Paris for a few months” She said ___________

14. “I visited my parents at the weekend,” She told me __________

15. “She hasn’t eaten sushi before” She said __________________

16. “I hadn’t travelled by underground before I came to London” She said __________________________________________________

17. “They would help if they could” She said _________________

18. “I’ll do the washing-up later” She told me _________________

 19. “He could read when he was three” She said _______________

20. “I was sleeping when Julie called” She said ________________

 Reported Questions Change these direct questions into reported speech: 

1. “Where is he?” She asked me ___________________________

2. “What are you doing?” She asked me _____________________

3. “Why did you go out last night?” She asked me _____________

 4. “Who was that beautiful woman?” She asked me ___________

5. “How is your mother?” She asked me ____________________

6. “What are you going to do at the weekend?” She asked me ___

7. “Where will you live after graduation?” She asked me_______

8. “What were you doing when I saw you?” She asked me ______

9. “How was the journey?” She asked me ___________________

10. “How often do you go to the cinema?” She asked me _______

11. “Do you live in London?” She asked me _________________

12. “Did he arrive on time?” She asked me __________________

13. “Have you been to Paris?” She asked me _________________

14. “Can you help me?” She asked me ______________________

15. “Are you working tonight?” She asked me ________________

16. “Will you come later?” She asked me ____________________

17. “Do you like coffee?” She asked me _____________________

18. “Is this the road to the station?” She asked me _____________

19. “Did you do your homework?” She asked me _____________

20. “Have you studied reported speech before?” She asked me ___

  Reported Requests and Orders Change the direct speech into reported speech: 

1. “Please help me carry this” She asked me _________________ 

2. “Please come early” She _______________________________

3. “Please buy some milk” She ____________________________

4. “Could you please open the window?” She ________________

5. “Could you bring the book tonight?” She __________________

6. “Can you help me with my homework, please?” She _________

7. “Would you bring me a cup of coffee, please?” She __________

8. “Would you mind passing the salt?” She ___________________

9. “Would you mind lending me a pencil?” She _______________

10. “I was wondering if you could possibly tell me the time?” She _

11. “Do your homework!” She told me ______________________

12. “Go to bed!” She ___________________________________

13. “Don’t be late!” She _________________________________

14. “Don’t smoke!” She _________________________________

15. “Tidy your room!” She _______________________________
16. “Wait here!” She ____________________________________

17. “Don’t do that!” She _________________________________

18. “Eat your dinner!” She _______________________________

19. “Don’t make a mess!” She ____________________________

20. “Do the washing-up!” She ____________________________
 Mixed Reported Speech 1 (Statements, Questions, Requests and Orders) Change the direct speech into reported speech. Choose the past simple of ‘ask’, ‘say’ or ‘tell’: 

1. “Don’t do it!” She ___________________________________

2. “I’m leaving tomorrow” She ___________________________

3. “Please get me a cup of tea” She ________________________

4. “She got married last year” She _________________________

5. “Be quick!” She _____________________________________

6. “Could you explain number four, please?” She _____________

7. “Where do you live?” She _____________________________

8. “We went to the cinema and then to a Chinese restaurant” She _

9. “I’ll come and help you at twelve” She ___________________

10. “What are you doing tomorrow?” She ___________________ 

11. “Don’t go!” She ____________________________________

12. “Do you work in London?” She ________________________
13. “Could you tell me where the post office is?” She __________

14. “Come here!” She ___________________________________

15. “I’ve never been to Wales” She _________________________

16. “Have you ever seen ‘Lord of the Rings’?” She ____________

17. “I don't like mushrooms” She __________________________

18. “Don't be silly!” She _________________________________

19. “Would you mind waiting a moment please?” She __________

20. “How often do you play sport?” She _____________________
 Mixed Reported Speech 2 (Statements, Questions, Requests and Orders) Change the direct speech into reported speech. Choose the past simple of ‘ask’, ‘say’ or ‘tell’: 

1. “Come quickly!” She __________________________________

2. “Did you arrive before seven?” She _______________________

3. “How was your holiday?” She ___________________________

4. “I would have visited the hospital, if I had known you were sick” She __________________________________________________

5. “Don't touch!” She ____________________________________

6. “Do you usually cook at home?” She _____________________

7. “They had never been to Scotland until last year” She ________

8. “Make sure you arrive early!” She ________________________

 9. “I should have studied harder for the exam” She ____________

10. “Would you mind telling me how to get to the art gallery, please?” She ___________________________________________

11. “Please don’t forget my book” She ______________________ 

12. “Make sure you arrive at six!” She ______________________ 

13. “Remember to study hard!” She _________________________

14. “Where do you want to eat tonight?” She _________________

15. “I usually drink coffee in the mornings” She _______________

16. “Do you like studying English?” She _____________________

17. “I’ll come and help you on Saturday” She _________________

18. “Please buy some bread on your way home” She ___________

19. “Please give this to John” She __________________________

20. “Could you give me the glass on the table, please?” She ______

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