get through: finish something.

 relieve: reduce; remove.

 put up: accommodate.

 casual: informal.

 count on: rely on.
 The Language of informal letters:

 Starting your letter (Paragraph 1)

Thanks for your letter.
Lovely to hear from you.
How are you?
How are things?
Hope you're well.

 Commenting on something (Paragraph 1)

I'm sorry to hear/learn ...
I'm so pleased to hear ...
It's great to hear ...
What wonderful news about ...

 Moving the topic on (Paragraph 2)

Anyway, the reason I'm writing ...
I thought I'd write to tell/ask you
Anyway, I was wondering ...

 Ending your letter (Paragraph 3)
Well, that's all for now
Write back soon
Looking forward to hearing from you again
All the best
Best wishes
See you soon
Take care
Lots of love


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