Rule: “to be” in the given tense+the past participle of the given verb

Mohammed eats an apple every day.
webmaster_fleches029d.gifAn apple is eaten by Mohammed every day.
webmaster_fleches029d.gifShe reads a lot of books every month.
webmaster_fleches029d.gifA lot of books are read every month.

 Certain verbs need two objects, so we can construct two passive sentences:  
They give me a report once a week.
webmaster_fleches029d.gifI am given a report once a week.
A report is given to me once a week.
: جدول توضيحي لأهم الأفعال محولة إلى المبني للمجهول

Tense/verb form
Active voice
Passive voice
Simple present

Present continuous

Simple past

Past continuous

Present perfect

Past perfect

Present infinitive

Modal auxiliaries


Is/are keeping


Was/were keeping

Has/have kept

Had kept

To keep

Modal auxiliary+infinitive

Will keep
Would keep
Should keep etc..
am/is/are kept

Is/are being kept

Was/were kept

Was/were being kept

Has/have been kept

Had been kept

To be kept

Modal auxiliary+be+past participle

Will be kept
Would be kept
Should be kept etc…

We keep the butter here.
The butter is kept here.

They broke the window.
The window was broken.

They broke the windows.
The windows were broken.

People have seen a wolf in the streets.
A wolf has been seen in the streets.

They are repairing the bridge.
The bridge is being repaired.

They had already done their homework.
Their homework had already been done.

They were carrying the injured player off the field.
The injured player was being carried off the field.

You must shut these doors.
These doors must be shut.

He wants someone to take photographs.
He wants photographs to be taken.

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