love.43.gif Characteristics of the latest mobile phones:

Size and format
Functions and options
              Different sizes/colours

                A lot of useful functions & options
                3G/4G/WIFI available

love.43.gif Topic:

using the information in the chart, write an article to your school magazine in which you expose the characteristics of modern cell phones. Below are prompts to help you write your article:

Introduction: Talk about the evolution of cellular phones and their importance in modern-day life.

Body paragraph one: Expose facts about modern cell phones' size and outward qualities. You may start paragraph like this:
"In terms of size, cell phones have become..."

Body paragraph two: Enumerate the different options modern cell phones offer to people. You may start your paragraph this way:
"As for options and functions cell phones offer, we can mention..."

Conclusion: Conclude your article by recapitulating the importance of cell phones. You may start like this:
"Having said that, I maintain that cell phones..."

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