Script: “A Sustainable Development Approach”

To shed light on the topic of sustainable development, four journalists are going to ask Dr. OKPALA, a chief responsible of Urban Economy and Finance Branch at the UN headquarters,  some questions.

Journalist 1: Could you please tell us what you mean by rural-urban linkage?
Dr. OKPALA: Well...Rural-urban linkage generally refers to the growing mobility of people, services and goods between city and countryside. This refers to people migrating or commuting an exchange of goods between the two areas.

Journalist 2: What are the benefits of this approach?
Dr. OKPALA: Of course it has many benefits. Various countries and regions adopt the urban-rural linkage approach as a strategy for achieving faster development. For example, a development action on both areas plays a positive role in decreasing poverty. It also creates employment and develops income. Adequate investments certainly improve rural productivity. Moreover, it allows access to markets, jobs, and public services.

Journalist 3: How Morocco implement this approach?
Dr. OKPALA: A good question in fact. First, we need to evaluate and understand the relationships between urban and rural areas in Morocco. Second, adequate infrastructure such as transportation, communication, energy and basic services should be developed to facilitate mobility. Third, the government should recognize the potentials of rural-urban development at all levels, national, regional and local. Both areas hold many capacities that are inactive. Efforts should be made to benefit from these capacities in the development process of both areas.

Journalist 4: What are the drawbacks of urbanizing rural areas?
Dr. OKPALA: Well, some people don’t think that there are drawbacks. Personally, I think urbanizing rural areas is not all positive. Cities and their metropolitan extensions absorb productive agricultural land, exploit water resources, and pollute the rural environment. Besides, cities rarely expand and build up effectively.

Adapted from: www.fig.net (January 2007)

To shed/cast/throw light on sth: to provide an explanation for it or information that makes it easier to understand. Example: As an economist, he was able to shed light on the problem.
headquarters: the main offices of an organization such as the army, the police, or a business company. (Abbreviation: HQ)
fleche-gif-047.gifmobility: the ability to move freely or be easily moved.
fleche-gif-047.gifto commute: to make the same journey regularly between work and home. (synonym: to shuttle)
fleche-gif-047.gifapproach: a way of considering or doing something.
income: money that is earned from doing work or received from investments.
fleche-gif-047.gifadequate: satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity. (synonym: sufficient, enough, requisite)
fleche-gif-047.gifimplement: start using a plan or system.
fleche-gif-047.gifdrawback: a disadvantage or the negative part of a situation..
metropolitan: relating to a large city.

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