isolated: far away from other places, buildings, or people; remote. (معزول)
huge: very big. (ضخم)
fleche-gif-029.gifwidely: extremely, very. (على نطاق واسع)
fleche-gif-029.gifbriefly: for a short time. (موجز)
fleche-gif-029.gifenrol: (s.p./p.p. enrolled) officially register as a member of an institution or a student on a course. (يتسجل / يلتحق)
fleche-gif-029.gifcut off: stop someone from going somewhere, especially by blocking their way; block. (قطع / توقف)
fleche-gif-029.gifanger: fill (someone) with anger; provoke anger in. (غضب)
fleche-gif-029.gifmaids: servants. (الخادمات)
fleche-gif-029.gifeventually: finally. (في النهاية)
fleche-gif-029.giftextile: woven or knitted cloth. (النسيج)
lack: be without or deficient in. (عوز / احتاج)
fleche-gif-029.gifshy: timid. (خجول)
fleche-gif-029.gifashamed: embarrassed or guilty because of one's actions. (مستح من)
fleche-gif-029.gifrun: managed. (مسيرة)

fleche-gif-029.giflivelihood: means of earning money in order to live. (رزق)
fleche-gif-029.gifassumption: a belief or feeling that something is true or will happen, although there is no proof. (synonym: supposition) (افتراض)
Verb: to assume.
Adj.: assumed.
fleche-gif-029.gifcredit somebody with something: say or believe that someone is responsible for a particular achievement. Example: Clinton credited Mike Boorda with bringing peace to Bosnia. (نسب شيئا إلى)
fleche-gif-029.gifmanagerial: relating to a job of a manager, especially in a company. (إداري)
fleche-gif-029.gifproud: feeling pleased and satisfied about sth that you own or have done, or are connected with. (فخور)
fleche-gif-029.gifaccomplishment: something that has been achieved successfully. (synonym: achievement) (إنجاز)
fleche-gif-029.gifcircle: a group of people who are connected because they have the same interests, jobs, etc. (جماعة متآلفة)
fleche-gif-029.gifgravely: seriously. (بخطورة)
neutral: impartial. (محايد)

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