April 20th,...   
Dear Nadia,

Previously, I told you about my favourite pastime. Today, I will tell you about my hometown as you wished in your last letter.

Well, Menton is situated on the eastern coast of France, with an approximate population of 30,000. It is an ideal destination for tourists from all over the world, and that is due to several reasons.

To start with, the landscape is beautiful. Wonderful high trees cover a large area of the town apart from some evergreen gardens which embellish the town centre. Besides, the weather is superb the whole year; it is neither hot nor cold. Moreover, there are a lot of places worth seeing such as the Roman Church, the museum and the Royal Avenue. All these factors make of Menton a perfect place to spend quiet and enjoyable holidays.

What about your hometown or city? Are there nice places to see? What about the weather? the people? And so on.

Bye for now,     

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