Expressing wishes & hopes:

 We use wish (that)+were/was/would/could or past tenses to express wishes for unlikely or impossible situations and to express regrets.

 wish (that)+were/was/would/could or past tenses

 I wish I had more money.
 He wishes he had more friends.
 They wish they had a bigger house.
 My brother wishes he were/was taller.
 She wishes she were/was more beautiful.
 Rebecca wishes she had curly hair.
 I wish the lesson would end. (I want it to end).
 wish my car would start. (I can’t make it start and I want it to start).

 Wish in fixed expressions: wish+noun:

I/we wish you… is used in fixed expressions.
 I wish you a happy birthday.
 We wish you good luck in your new job.

 Note that for wishes about things that are positive and seem likely in the future, we normally use hope+that-clause with present simple (or future simple (will+infinitivealthough it is less common):

 hope+that-clause with the present simple or future simple (will+infinitive):

 hope that you get better for the journey; you seem recovering quickly.
 We hope she passes her driving test next week.
 I hope she comes to see us when she passes through New York. (I hope she’ll come to see us when she passes through New York.)
 I hope he has a good time in Florida next month. (I hope he’ll have a good time in Florida next month.)

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