enthusiastically:  /ɪnˌθjuː.zɪˈæs.tɪ.kəl.ɪ/(adv.) in a way that shows enthusiasm.


 The crowd were waving flags and enthusiastically singing patriotic songs.
 When I suggested a walk, Elena nodded enthusiastically.

 pay tribute to sb/sth(noun) /ˈtrɪb.juːt/  to praise someone or something.(tribute: respectful action)

 The minister paid tribute to the men who had fought the blaze.

 Celebrating Mother's Day is to pay tribute to mothers for all their love and support.

 juggle(verb) /ˈdʒʌɡl/ to try to do two or more jobs or activities at the same time, because you do not have a lot of time.


 Working mothers are used to juggling their jobs, their children's needs and their housework.

 We are still juggling in the kitchen to prepare lunch for our guests.

 handmade:  (adj.)  /ˌhændˈmeɪd/ made using the hands rather than a machine.


Handmade carpet

Handmade pottery

 coincide: (verb) /ˌkəʊ.ɪnˈsaɪd/ to happen at or near the same time.


 I timed my holiday to coincide with the children's.

 If the heavy rain had coincided with an extreme high tide, serious flooding would have resulted.

 upbringing: (noun) /ˈʌpˌbrɪŋ.ɪŋ/ the way in which you are treated and educated when young, especially by your parents, especially in relation to the effect that this has on how you behave and make moral decisions.


 The children had had a harsh upbringing.

 Your Dad's upbringing was totally different to mine.

 bear: (verb)  /beər/ to accept, tolerate, or endure something, especially something unpleasant.


 It's your decision - you have to bear the responsibility if things go wrong.

 He couldn't bear to see the dog in pain.

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