Expressions of suggestion: 

 Making a suggestion:

Why don't we....?

We could...

How about+gerund (v+ing)...?

What about+gerund (v+ing)...?

Why not+infinitive...?

Let's (not)+infinitive

What would you say to...?

Don't you think it is a good idea to...?

Does it matter if we...?

Shall we...?


 Why not?

 That's a good/great idea!

 Yes, let's.

 Yes, I'd like/love to.

 That sounds like a good idea.

 That sounds like a good idea.

 Yes, I feel like + gerund ...

 Declining/Refusing/Rejecting/Turning down:

 No, let's not.

 No, I'd rather not.

 I dislike+ gerund...

 What an awful/bad idea!

 Yes, but...


Two friends talking about where to go this evening:
Alice:You know Alan, why don't we go to the cinema to watch Titanic?
Alan:No, let's not. We've seen the film many times before. What about going to the library? We have to finish our school project!
Alice:That sounds like a good idea. But when we finish let's go to the cafè.
Alan:Yes, I'd love to.

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