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love.43.gif Vocabulary: Brain Drain

boutons042.gif emphesize (verb): show or state that something is very important or worth giving attention to. Noun: emphasis; plural: emphases.
boutons042.gif raise (verb): increase.
boutons042.gif physician (noun) (US): UK doctor.
boutons042.gif controversal (adj): causing disagreement or discussion. Noun: contoversy.
boutons042.gif implication (noun): (usually plural) the effect that an action or decision will have on something else in the future.
boutons042.gif fruitless (adj): unsuccessful or producing nothing of value.
boutons042.gif Scarcity (noun): when something is not easy to find or get. Adj: scarce: not easy to find or get.
boutons042.gif devise (verb): invent a plan, system, object, etc., usually cleverly or using imagination.
boutons042.gif tempting (adj): you want to do or have it. Verb: tempt; noun: temptation.
boutons042.gif impliment (verb): put a plan or system into operation.
boutons042.gif counter (verb): defend yourself against something.
boutons042.gif crucial (adj): extremely important or necessary.
boutons042.gif widespread (adj): existing or happening in many places and or among many people.
boutons042.gif come up against something (phrasal verb): have to deal with a problem.
boutons042.gif keep track: make certain that you know what is happening or has happened to someone or something.
boutons042.gif flow (noun; usually singular): a regular and quite large number of something. Synonym: continuous number.
boutons042.gif scope: range; نطاق.

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