mardi 8 septembre 2020


 love.43.gifTHE MAGIC OF HUMOUR:

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifinfernal: (only before nouns) (old-fashioned) extremely annoying.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifheave up: lift or elevate.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifprofitable: that gives sb an advantage or a useful result.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifoutdated: no longer useful because of being old-fashioned.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifrestrict: limit the size, amount or range of sth.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifconfuse: make sb unable to think clearly or understand sth.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifworkaholic: (informal) a person who works very hard and finds it difficult to stop working and do other things.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifmoderation: the quality of being reasonable and not being extreme.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifboundary: a dividing line.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifembrace: accept an idea, a proposal, a set of beliefs, etc, especially when it is done with enthusiasm.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.giffast-paced: of communication that proceeds rapidly. (synonym: fast-moving)
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifcombat: stop sth unpleasant or harmful from happening or getting worse.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifunderestimate: not realize how good, strong, determined, etc. sb really is.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifresort: make use of sth, especially sth bad, as a means of achieving sth, often because there is no other possible solution. (synonym: have recourse to)
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifremedy: solution.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.giffail: not to be successful in achieving sth.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifwonder: sth that fill you with surprise and admiration.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifstimulate: make sb interested and excited about sth.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.giflight: free from worry; cheerful.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifboost: make sth increase, or become better or more successful.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifrelieve: mak sth less boring, especially by introducing sth different.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifboredom: the state of being bored; the quality of being very boring.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifrecharge: (informal) get back your strength and energy by resting for a time.
webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gifcope with:deal successfully with sth difficult.

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