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0035.gifto be to do sth: used to say what you must or should be done:
boutons042.gifI am to call them once I reach the airport.
boutons042.gifYou are to report this to the police.
boutons042.gifWhat is to be done about this problem?
0035.gifto figure out: to think about sb/sth until you understand them/it. (synonym: work out)
0035.gifdespite: in spite of+noun/gerund.
boutons042.gifHer voice was shaking despite all her efforts to control it.
boutons042.gifDespite applying for hundreds of jobs, he is still out of work.
0035.gifto twinkle: if your eyes twinkle, you have a bright expression because you are happy or excited.
boutons042.gifTwinkling blue eyes.
boutons042.gifHer eyes twinkled with merriment.
boutons042.gifHis mother twinkled at him over her teacup.

A funny incident
It was a very dark night. I was passing along a road leading to my grandmother's house. I was all alone, and very scared. The wind was whistling in the trees overhead. I even heard the cry of a night bird.The road passed by a burial ground. At that time I remembered horror serials I had watched on television.
Those fearful stories came into my mind. On the side of the road there was a thorny bush. It was so dark that nothing was visible to the naked eye. As I came near the thorny bush, I heard a frightening sound. I was at my wits' end. I knew there was something in the bush. Taking courage, I took a step forward. Again I heard the sound. There was something greyish in that bush. I went near and found that two large eyes were lurking me.
They were glowing in the dark. Imagine the state of my mind! I was rooted to the spot. I could neither go forward nor backward. I was very near the burial ground where the ghosts come out of the graves at night and play with human skulls. Suddenly, there was an ear-splitting cry, and a huge grey form jumped out of the bush and ran away.
"Aaaaaaaah ... " It was a donkey... ! I could breathe again, a donkey after all... I laughed aloud for a long time. When I reached my grandmother's house, I narrated the incident to my family. They, too, felt it was really a funny incident.
Md. Saif Saleem, VIII
Hyderabad: Indo-American School, Mehdipatnam
The story is taken from: A Funny Incident. I beg the writer pardon for correcting some mistakes and adding some ideas.
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Made by Mimoun Zeggai

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