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Phrasal Verbs:

webmaster_fleches029d.gifbring about: cause to happen.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifgo on: keep on: carry on: continue.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifappeal to: become attracted to.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifbreak down: stop functioning.  

webmaster_fleches029d.gifput up with: bear, tolerate.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifgive off: send off: emit.

webmaster_fleches029d.giffigure out: find a solution.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifuse up: use all of sth; exhaust.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifpick out: choose.

webmaster_fleches029d.giffigure out: find a solution.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifmake up: to say or write something that is not true. (يختلق)

webmaster_fleches029d.gifhand out: distribute ≠ hand in: submit.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifput out (fire): extinguish.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifrely on: depend on.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifdo up: to repair or decorate a building so that it looks attractive.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifdo sth up: wrap sth in paper.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifback sth up: to make an extra copy of computer information.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifback someone/sth up: to provide support or help to someone or something.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifbreak into: enter by force.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifeat up sth: to use something so that little or nothing is left.

webmaster_fleches029d.gifput on: wear clothes; dress uptake off= undress.

webmaster_fleches029d.giftake off (plane): leave the ground≠ land.

Conditional types 0 & 1:

Conditional type 0: used to express scientific facts or general facts: If+simple present+simple present

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gif If water reaches 0 degree Celsius, it freezes.

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gif If you open a school, you close a prison. (Victor Hugo's “He Who Opens A School Door, Closes A Prison”.

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gif If you heat ice, it melts.

Conditional type 1: used to talk about possible future events and their likely results: If+simple present+ future simple 

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gif If it is fine next weekend, we will go on a picnic.

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gif If he doesn't hurry, he will miss the train.

N.B.:Notice here, when we use if...not, we can replace it with unless followed by a positive verb: unless= if...not.

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gif Unless he hurries, he will miss the train.

webmaster-mini-puces-00022.gif Unless he studies hard, he will fail his exams.


Expressing possibility:

My aunt may travel alone.
Maybe he will make the tour alone.
Perhaps she will visit Ibiza.
Possibly, she will go by plane.
It's possible that someone will meet her railway station.
She might buy some presents for the family before she goes.
I suppose she might spend a lot of money on fashionable clothes.
There's a chance they'll like the city.

I will take an umbrella as it could rain heavily there.


JaneHave you seen Sophia? I can’t find her.
Sally: She could be in the library.
Jane: No, she is not. I have just been there.
Sally: Perhaps she is with Mary. They were here this morning.